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Out Magazine and Basil Hayden at the Edgewater Inn

This event showcased Jonathon Mathews Design Group. I’ve been impressed with Jonathan the times I’ve spoken with him. Clearly an honorable young chap with an impressive portfolio. And the man is as gregarious as they get. The edgewater’s Six Seven Lounge was stunning as the sun set revealing the partial moon hovering over the open saltwater. People were glowing in the sunset. It was gorgeous.

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Out Magazine ~ Basil Hayden ~ LeeAnn Baker


For the second summer, I’ve been hired as the event photographer to capture all
the glory of these events put on by Basil Hayden and Out Magazine. This time they
convinced the very charming LeeAnn Baker to make an appearance. With her 15
years of interior design work (I think she started when she was 10) – the walls were
lined with her recent work, it was amazing. The venue was Vessel ~ adjacent to the
5th Avenue theater, and they made some amazing cocktails with that light bourbon
whiskey. People were having a blast.

The Vessel in Seattle

Seattle photographer TorStudios

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An evening at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

When Deloitte Services called looking for photographic coverage of an alumni (past employees) party, I thought – now there’s a first. But it turned out to be a great thing. Folks that haven’t seen one another in years showed up to chat it up. Of course, the parks setting didn’t hurt either.
olympic sculpture park in seattle
olympic sculpture parkSeattle skyline at the sculpture park
seattle at duskcurvy sculpture in seattle photographed by torstudios

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Jelly Helm former creative director of Wieden + Kennedy

Jennifer Allen of the Oregon Council for the Humanities asked if I would be willing to photograph their new happy-hour discussion series called “Think and Drink”. First up, Jelly Helm. His short tenure – still a young guy – has taken him through some interesting changes in advertising. When asked “what would the world be like without advertising?” he responded with “not much different, I think people will still drink coke.” word. Photographed at the lovely Rontoms on East Burnside.

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Project Runway’s Christian Siriano & Out Magazine.

Headlining the final gathering of Out Magazine in Seattle ~ Christian Siriano custom designed a vest to be
auctioned off to a local nonprofit. I was honored to cover these events for Out Magazine. As you can see
by the photos, the crowd adored the man. Dogs, women and drinks accompanied throngs of men to see
the famous designer in flesh and blood.

christian of project runway

fashion in seattle

project runway photographer

out magazine crowd

seattle bar scenebeautiful seattle

seattle event photographer

project runway seattle

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Junk to Funk ~ with Jaysun Spieth

Held in the beautiful Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon – The Junk to Funk is a showcase of Portland’s
dedication to being green. I have never heard so much cheers for design in my life. People roared with delight
at the sight of paper dresses and VHS tape gowns.

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Portland Fashion Week ~ shooting with Jaysun Spieth

Jaysun of the photographers asked if I would be interested in helping him photograph some of Portland 
Fashion Week. It was fantastic! The designs and the models and even the audience were gorgeous.  

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AVMG at Canlis Restaurant, Seattle

Every year, the Audio Visual Management Group treats its clients to a wonderful night on the town. It was a
sparkling evening at the Canlis Restaurant and people were having a blast ~

Canlis restaurant seattle photographer

canlis restaurant seattlecanlis restaurant seattle event photographer

seattle event photographer canlis restaurant

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Explode a la Mode ~ P:EAR in NW Portland

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Private Russian poetry reading, in fur.

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