experiential design

Experiential Design

Creating interactive installations.


TorStudios | BBDO "Samba Table"

In 2015 I collaborated with BBDO and Antartica on a campaign in Rio de Janero utilizing my percussion table designs. Our efforts won us a Cannes Lion award that year. I’ve linked the winning concept above. More from this project on my torstudiosinstalls instagram.

Lantern Pagoda

Lantern Pagoda

Airy and accepting of the elements, this project designed for the 2016 What The Festival created a space with some sense of interior intimacy while having a very sparse actual structure easily assembled on site.

BoomBox PopUp

BoomBox PopUp

Another What The Festival art grant, this popup dance install was setup in a different location every night. Made of 1980’s thriftshop speakers, modern amplifiers and rattle cans of primary paint - the design also morphed into a mobile street parade when affixed to bicycles. More images with boomboxes can be found on the torstudiosinstalls instagram.


Feets & Beats

In 2016 I was awarded a grant to install a Musical Dance Stage assembled from a piano built in 1872. A hop on a square could not only make the strings of the piano ring out, but also cymbal crash or a cow bell. We had a choreographer work with a group of kids to make a performance that was both a dance and music at the same time. (They also helped paint the installation)

These Colors Do Run.

I worked as a fabricator and photographer documenting huge installations for Nike at Axiom Custom. 2013-15.